Welcome to Star Beasts Blog on WordPress; containing information around the 2nd year of university.

The blog has been created with navigation in mind, so everything is in correct order of date and topic. Here’s a quick over view of everything;

Home | The Home page is the main page visitors will arrive on, welcoming them and informing them on where to find things via on overall guide.

Information | The Information page is dedicated to a sum up who I am, the tools I use and any other information about myself.

Summer Project | The Summer Project page is about the project set over the summer around Game Design Documents (GDD’s) and what the student has completed for that task.

JAMS | Unlike the other pages, the JAM is a collection of weekly JAM tasks that all students must partake in and complete. These include, Character Design, Animation, Narrative, RPG, Sculpture and the IBM JAM. There is a main JAM page there that goes into detail on what a JAM is and information around the JAM task given to the student.

GDD Research | This page is dedicated to research around my GDD which can be found in a sketchbook; those being Peter Pan Research, Star Constellations and related topics and Inspirational Games.

GDD | The Final Game Design Document page contains the details around the project that I will be proposing to the class, similar to what games companies do when coming up with game ideas. Those details being the Pitch, Overview, Design Goals, Focus Content and finally the GDD Sketchbooks.

Weekly Reviews | The Weekly Reviews page contains a review and my self reflection on every week including the JAM, workshops and other university work related topics.

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